Opdig Mobile Input Controllers:

A complete input interface for on-the-go operations of AR / VR devices.

About us

Opdig builds wearable AR/VR controllers for people who are on the go. The Opdig controllers enable users to interface with AR/VR devices through natural gestures, providing them a complete input solution with capabilities ranging from typing text to interacting with virtual environments. Using the Opdig controllers, they can work and play anywhere they go.

Enterprise Ready:

The Opdig controllers free your hands to perform complex tasks.


Use for on-the-go applications in the office, in the car, or at home.


Functionally, elegantly designed jewelry you can wear all day.


Gestures. We use them everyday. They are the most ergonomic and natural interface.

A More Immersive Experience:

No more worrying about dropping your controllers or guessing which buttons do what. Be more immersed in the experience.

Our Vision

Our vision is to enable people to be more mobile and productive. What can we do for you?